The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Red means Stop...Green means go

Hmm what’s going on and what is there to say about today. How about some guy decided that a light was not a color he was accustomed to stopping at and plowed into the back of our car. Yes the same car that has a brand new engine, Josh and the babies. I is pretty bad and I think its going to be totaled out. I am really bummed because I was hoping to keep that car when we upgraded to a newer car for M and the boys.
I always thought I would be the kind of guy who would go off if I were ever in an accident, but with kids involved that just wasn’t the case. I was way more concerned with them than I was about being mad at the guy who hit us and the guy who we were pushed into. I am was a little mad that M was out for the evening and stayed with her plans. I know there is nothing she could do at the time but I felt like she should have come home.

The good thing is the boys were looked over by the medics and appear fine. They had a real blast playing in the front seat of the car and pushing all the buttons. We made it home, without the car and a cold dinner and stories to tell.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Floats like a butterfly...stings like a mother

So Jack had a bad day at the babysitter. Apparently he thinks he is Muhammad Ali because he is punching people in the face. We figured he was tired from his long weekend and not getting a good nights sleep on Sunday, but it’s still not going to fly. I am sure it’s only going to get worse when they both start hitting.
Last night M had to go and help the Girl Scouts earn a Music badge last night. So the boys and I hung out. Jack managed to get the entertainment center opened and he pulled out the game cube and some controllers. While I appreciate the initiative, I think they are little young to be playing video games. They should probably be walking first. Then at bedtime we all were laughing for some reason. Then Summy started making farting noises with his mouth and I would laugh. Then I would make them and he would laugh.
I am going to make a real effort to take some more video of them and edit it into more movies. Maybe I will have Uncle Mike help me make a website for them.
April 26

Summy is a wrestler. So both of the boys have chasing going after the cats lately. It’s sort of funny to watch their thought processes in motion and try and sneak up on them. The cats caught on to this ploy a long time ago. So M ad I were sitting on the couch and I happened to look down. I saw Summy on top of Bode. Summy had a clump of Bode’s hair in both hands and was on his back. Bode kept trying to wiggle away and Summy would reposition himself so that he stayed on him. The whole time Summy was rubbing his face in Bode’s fur and making his “Woo Woo Woo” noise he makes for pets. It was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long while. Bode finally got free and then moved over a little and laid back down. He is so great. He never gets mad and swats at the boys. He’s pretty content to just let them do whatever they want and when he’s had enough he moves away.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

IKEA without car problems

Day trip to IKEA. The trip got off to a late start and ended up being a long day but the boys did alright for the most part. So we made the trip again as the previous one was cut short due to the engine giving out on the Matrix. We spent the first part shopping through the rooms and then we fed the boys and had dinner at IKEA. Jon was in the areas o he came over and had dinner with us. The boys both did awesome at eating. They ate meatballs, French fries and mac n’ cheese. They didn’t have any baby food or formula powder. We were both pretty shocked at how great they did with their eating.
We then picked out the stuff we wanted and left. We managed spend a little over $100 and didn’t buy anything larger. I got a few kitchen utensils and M didn’t really get anything. She has her eye on a Klimt picture she wants and a shelving unit we need but can’t get in our car. The boys on the other hand gout a crane with some magnetic blocks, a tent, soccer ball and a bunch of safety stuff for the house. They also got the coolest bibs. For the most part they can’t get dirty in them. We are actually going to get more when M’s mom goes back in a few weeks.
Besides wrecking the boys schedule, we had a pretty fun time visiting with Jon and shopping at IKEA.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Daycare tour

Summy pulled up for the first time today. I was at filling up the new lawn mower and I heard M and my Mother Law clapping and saying “Good Job Summy!” so I thought that’s what it was. It was, he was standing next to the chair and they were talking, when M looked back he was up. Good job Summy and I still think he will be walking before long. He just seems like he is slower to getting into things but once he does then he progresses really quickly.
I worked from home a little this morning and then we toured the Daycare we hope to send them to in the fall. I really liked the place. I think they could use some structure to their days. Not that I am unhappy with the situation they have now. I just think that as they get a little older they need structure and discipline and this place will be great for them. I think their current situation is great for them now. They are definitely loved and they have a great environment for which to roam around and explore. I think it was good first year for them to get the attention they needed when they were little. Now they are growing up and started to develop and the new daycare will be an extension of there growth.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh yeah and then what happened

Summy has really been crawling great. He moves all over house and I rarely see him army crawl anymore. I was saying to M that he got crawling faster than Jack did. One of the things I really love about Summy is that he responds really well to praise. Whenever he does something we clap for him and make a big deal about it. He gets the biggest smile on his face and claps himself. Tonight at bedtime he actually did the La La La again and this time he added Meow as plain as day. I think he is going to hit a spurt shortly and we will be seeing big things from him. He is so close to pulling up and once that happens I think he will move on to walking faster than Jack.
Jack on the other hand is a talking machine. He will hold a conversation with anyone who is willing to listen. All you have to do is “Oh yeah, and then what happened?” and he will go on and on and on. It’s the funniest thing to watch because he is so animated and passionate about what he is saying.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Through the cat door

So this morning, after we fed the boys, I ran up to McD’s for some breakfast. Neither of us felt like making anything. I had the door open and Jack was standing and leaning on the glass door. I kept hiding behind the car and popping out to make faces at him. I t was hilarious as he has bouncing up and down and screaming laughing. Well I guess when I left, Jack got extremely mad that I had left and sobbed hysterically. I was gone less than 5 minutes and as soon as I got home, he crawled over to greet me at the door. The kid is so loving and full of energy. He always has to be involved in everything.
Lately, if we put Jack down he heads straight down the hallway to our bedroom to see what he can get into. He brought back an empty bottle that M’s vitamins were in. We are going to fill them up with pennies and seal them so he can play with them. He loves carrying stuff around the house and throwing it out the cat door. We have this cat door out to the garage for the cats to get to the litter box. Jack find sit funny to take stuff and throw it through the hole. We went out there Sunday evening and found a passy, 2 lids, several letters and an animal magnet from the fridge barn.
They are both into opening and closing doors. The fun time for them is to crawl into the bathroom when you are in there and they take turns opening and shutting the door. That is until Jack shuts it real hard and can’t get it back open.
Bath time is becoming a fun time at our house. Jack loves the water as usual and Summy seems to be over his fear of the water. We put them in tonight and they had a good ole time. Summy didn’t fuss once about it. He played with his letters and the bubbles M put in the tub. He took turns sticking the letters to the side of the tub and his chest. Jack on the other hand was all over the place. He actually fell over because he was climbing around. He probably took in some water but in his fearless fashion was fine 5 seconds after doing it.