The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Saturday, April 19, 2008

IKEA without car problems

Day trip to IKEA. The trip got off to a late start and ended up being a long day but the boys did alright for the most part. So we made the trip again as the previous one was cut short due to the engine giving out on the Matrix. We spent the first part shopping through the rooms and then we fed the boys and had dinner at IKEA. Jon was in the areas o he came over and had dinner with us. The boys both did awesome at eating. They ate meatballs, French fries and mac n’ cheese. They didn’t have any baby food or formula powder. We were both pretty shocked at how great they did with their eating.
We then picked out the stuff we wanted and left. We managed spend a little over $100 and didn’t buy anything larger. I got a few kitchen utensils and M didn’t really get anything. She has her eye on a Klimt picture she wants and a shelving unit we need but can’t get in our car. The boys on the other hand gout a crane with some magnetic blocks, a tent, soccer ball and a bunch of safety stuff for the house. They also got the coolest bibs. For the most part they can’t get dirty in them. We are actually going to get more when M’s mom goes back in a few weeks.
Besides wrecking the boys schedule, we had a pretty fun time visiting with Jon and shopping at IKEA.


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