The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Thursday, February 07, 2008

February Post in Reverse

So I kind of fell out of the blogging mood during the month of February. I will try and recreate what I can from memory and the assistance on M’s blog. Maybe what I will try and do someday is learn how to add links and pictures to the blog.
Everyone is starting to get better around the house. Jack never caught it and Summy ended up losing almost a pound. I think we were at ¾ pound. Not good as he didn’t have much to lose to begin with. He’s back on track now. I took these highlights of the boys from M’s blog:

Jack’s open-mouthed kisses
Jack getting into everything
Jack’s crazy head spasm dancing
Jack always trying to pull the heart light’s cord in our bedroom.
Jack trying to pull up on the learning table and sitting people
Jack shaking his head no when he doesn’t like a food
Jack brushing his teeth before bed
Jack “reading books” and flipping the pagesJack “making out” with his blankie before bed

Sumner loving on Lambie
Sumner grunting when he gets stuck in a strange position
Sumner saying “hey!”
Sumner waving bye bye to things he doesn’t want.
Sumner dancing to “his song”Sumner “hand dancing”
Sumner trying to bear weight on his legs, with his butt sticking out
Sumner’s sweet expression when sleeping
Sumner getting scared in the middle of the night


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