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Friday, December 14, 2007

You say it’s your birthday…

You say it’s your birthday…well it was my birthday and we went out last night with Caitlin and Mike to a Marcela’s. Not sure I am sold on the “_____ Experience” For the lines insert the name of you server. Essentially they will give you their suggestions of what to order and it will end you up in the $80 - $150 price range. No thank you. We did have a sweet spot in the back corner of the office and it made it nice to take the boys. I could tell our waiter was annoyed by the kids but they were great as always. I had the braised lamb shank and it was excellent. Not sure why it wasn’t on the servers list of things to have…probably because it didn’t fit the sharing motif of the restaurant. Who cares, it was the most expensive thing on the menu ($18.95) and was worth every penny. Happy Birthday to me.

After dinner we went back to our house. Mike and I went to Target because I wanted to use my birthday money to get Guitar Hero for the Wii. I hated it for a few days. The game didn’t make sense to me. I can play a guitar a little and this was not guitar playing. I eventually figured it out and am really loving the game.


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