The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Circleville Pumpkin Festival

We got moving early Saturday and headed out to the Circleville Pumpkin Festival with Erin and Josh. It was a good time but very busy. We actually were able to push a stroller through the crowd with relative ease. They boys were good but not really sure how much they saw and cared to see. Summy got a little tired of riding in his car seat so I put him on my shoulders for a few minutes. According to M, he looked like he was in parade, laughing and smiling at everyone. It was pretty great.

We went out with Aunt Caitlin and Uncle Mike for dinner on Saturday night. It felt like one of the first times we went out and were told one time and it ended up being a longer wait. We called ahead and they told us when we arrived we were the next table. Ummm…about 35 minutes later we got seated. The manager took care of the app’s for us at dinner. Too bad we made bad selections and they were only so-so. Jack was into the booth and looking out the window. He has this thing for texture right now and since the booth was covered with a textured cloth he was scratching it all night. The he realized if someone held him he could see out the window. He loved looking at the lights of the buildings and cars going by.

I love taking them to these kinds of things. I want to go to all of them and experience them as the boys do. I never want to give them up. I want to hold them the whole time we are there. I am still, after 8 months, very possessive of them and my time with them. Maybe I’m selfish or maybe it’s my controlling nature but they are our kids and we come first. Some day that will wane but I hope not…the better solution is I will get better at sharing my family or being less blunt. Maybe after their first birthday or the first holidays I will lighten up a bit…oh well shoot me for being involved and not being good at being subtle.


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