The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Monday, December 08, 2008

Sunday Morning we saw on the news that COSI was free for the day. So we packed the boys up and headed out for a family fun day. Mimi wasn’t able to join us today but hopefully M and Mimi can take the boys back. We actually got into the Sesame Street/Elmo Body exhibit. We actually got tickets for the 3:15 time slot but since the boys were supposed to be sleeping we asked if they would make an exception for Summy and Jack. The nice folks at COSI understood and let them in and what a time they had. They were already tired form playing in the kid’s area and this was enough to knock them out. Check out some of these photos I got from my camera on in the water table area. They had raincoats the kids can wear why having a good time. Everyone was commenting that Summy looked like the Gordon’s fisherman.

My mom helped me fill up the bucket.

This is the face of a kid who was having a blast.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wild Lights

Ran some errands and went to the Winter Lights at the Zoo with Adrian and Mike and their kids. It was fun but very cold. It was kind of last minute planning and we were only a few minutes behind them in getting on the road. That turned out to be extremely bad as we got close to the zoo. We ended being an hour behind them.

The boys looked hilarious all bundled up. At home the wanted nothing to do with the hat and gloves. At the Zoo they learned what hat and gloves did and we got no complaints.

Summy got really excited at the light show as we were leaving. They were set to music and he thought that was great. Too bad the weather wasn’t warmer and we had more time.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday is a trip to the Pedi...

Sales and Shopping? No, we went to the pediatrician. Jack is now a member of the 20LB club. He is really staring to gain some weight even though his waist is not any bigger. The pediatrician felt they were almost all the caught up. I would say they are ahead on their verbal skills. Summy is by far the one who says more words but M and I both know that Jack knows more than he is saying. He either says it so fats you cannot understand him or he just chooses not to talk.

We ran into a few stores. Toys r Us was a joke of a nightmare and Target was bad but I picked up some movies cheap for no particular reason than I just wanted them. This is the first year I haven’t really wanted any big gifts. I know I said an Iphone but I am not really sure if I want it or not. Maybe if poppa reads this he’ll send me his….otherwise I don’t really need one. I would rather have a new house.

The boys are going to have a blast, M won a Elmo Live from EBay in their contest for $1. If you know Summy then you know the love of Elmo that is happening in our house.
Edit: I completely forgot that we had put up the tree. We fiannly caved last year and bought a fake tree with lights after Xmas and will use it until the boys get a little older. Summy was completely in love with it. He got so upset when we had to leave that he thought it would be there when we got back. He actually comes down the hall in the morning and says, "Hi Tree!" The first night he gave it a hug and kiss. Now that it has ornaments on it Jack is into it as well. He has an angel ornament he likes to take off, carry around and put back on the tree. They are going to love Xmas this year.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving was a ton of fun with the boys. We went to M’s grandfathers house for family and fun. It’s one of the traditions that I really enjoy. But as with anything that involves going places with the boys for a length of time can be stressful. The meal was later so we were able to go after their nap and leave before the bed time. This means no hauling both pack and plays and assembling them and disassembling them for me.

The boys got off to a slow start. They were shy with everyone. I am sure they get that from me. The therapist is always saying Jack takes a while to open up to people. When the boys first came and we would take them somewhere, everyone would run out of the house to greet us. I don’t know why but it always overwhelms me. So when we got to pap’s house, I am sure the felt overwhelmed.

The ended up having a blast and Summy again had time playing Mr. Brown. I am still not sure if he goes by papa or grandpa but either way Summy thinks he is hilarious. Jack on the other hand was into everything. He of course found the house phone and wanted to carry it around. The he had to get into things he knows he shouldn’t. He is such a smart boy it’s hard to get mad at him for wanting to be involved in so many adult things.

The highlight had to be Summy saying Pumpkin Pie. We had worked with him on saying “Hi Papaw” the whole day and we say pumpkin pie to him one time at dinner and he repeats it back a million times. He is very good a repeating and then retaining what he learns.

M taught me how to load images so hopefully I dd this right.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Growing up for the boys...learning for Dad

Two Day update...15th and 16th.

The boys turned 21 months today. It is so shocking to see where we started and where we are now. Reflecting back I can see spots where I need to let go a little and spots where I need to be more involved. I know it seems silly but I keep wondering if it ever gets easier. Will it get easier for M and I to agree on what is right or wrong? Will the boys be easier to entertain? Can I find a balance?

So for now my focus is on the boys and M. I kind of checked out for awhile and I haven’t been very helpful. It’s easy for me to get into a rut where I do the same thing everyday. Unfortunately, M has been left picking up my slack and I have been less than thankful to her and for all her hard work and time. Hopefully now I can take some of the workload off of her. We will still share the daily chores of getting the boys ready, fed, cleaned up and taken care. I am going to start helping with all the extras…basically phone calls. If you know me, then you know that I am on the phone for my job a lot. So when I get home I don’t want to be anywhere near a phone. In fact if I win the lottery, I plan on hiring someone to answer my phone so I never have too again. Either way, I have used this as an excuse for too long and it has to stop. It’s not like M comes home and says I don’t want to teach the boys because I taught all day at work today.

On a more positive note, we are looking at moving into a new and bigger house. A lot of things have to come together but it is good to know that if everything aligns then we can move into a house with almost double the space. If things work out right I may have a home office to work from which will allow me too work from home more. That will make me more relaxed….

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sickness day 2

Sickness day 2 and the boys are home again with M. She has a harder time taking off because she builds sick time where I have a set amount each year. It will make it tough when we have another kid.

From the pictures in M’s blog it looks like they had a good time, but they were hogging the couch. Plus Jack is feeling better but he is milking it so he can have cookies. It’s so great he has learned the sign for “more” so he has to use the sign for more. It’s so cute to see him do it. It’s like when I taught Summy to say Go Buckeyes. For a few weeks it sounded like Smo’ Smuckies.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great day...if everyone wasnt sick.

The boys were home sick today. First it was Jack, he was hysterical this morning. I called off work and stayed home. This basically means I work when I get a free moment while they are eating or sleeping and make the rest of the work up later in week.

Jack took a 30 minute nap on the couch and we started his medicine for pink eye. Summy and I wrestled and watched some programs on Disney while Jack rested. By lunchtime, Summy’s eye started to get goopy and Jack was back to acting normal. The slept all afternoon and I was able to get a little work done. I had a blast staying home with them and I know I complain about missing work but there will be a day when I look back a realize all the time I had too spend with them and how grateful I was to have it.