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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving was a ton of fun with the boys. We went to M’s grandfathers house for family and fun. It’s one of the traditions that I really enjoy. But as with anything that involves going places with the boys for a length of time can be stressful. The meal was later so we were able to go after their nap and leave before the bed time. This means no hauling both pack and plays and assembling them and disassembling them for me.

The boys got off to a slow start. They were shy with everyone. I am sure they get that from me. The therapist is always saying Jack takes a while to open up to people. When the boys first came and we would take them somewhere, everyone would run out of the house to greet us. I don’t know why but it always overwhelms me. So when we got to pap’s house, I am sure the felt overwhelmed.

The ended up having a blast and Summy again had time playing Mr. Brown. I am still not sure if he goes by papa or grandpa but either way Summy thinks he is hilarious. Jack on the other hand was into everything. He of course found the house phone and wanted to carry it around. The he had to get into things he knows he shouldn’t. He is such a smart boy it’s hard to get mad at him for wanting to be involved in so many adult things.

The highlight had to be Summy saying Pumpkin Pie. We had worked with him on saying “Hi Papaw” the whole day and we say pumpkin pie to him one time at dinner and he repeats it back a million times. He is very good a repeating and then retaining what he learns.

M taught me how to load images so hopefully I dd this right.


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