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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gone for too long

Wow, so I set a reminder on my calendar to do an update everyday and I managed to delete it everyday for 3 months. So I will be working backwards and will really try to get caught up.

M turned 30 yesterday and for the most part she has handled it fairly well. I felt bad that only 2 people called to wish her happy birthday. I am proud of her because she has been really protective of her time with the boys now that she is back at school. I have said in the past, she is the nicest person in the world and far too often people take advantage of that. I am included in that statement.

As for me, works has been exceptionally stressful lately. It seems like this year there is a ton more work to do that in previous years. It has made me really short with everyone around our house. Today’s I finally feel like I turned the corner on a chunk of work and can relax for a moment.

The boys: what an absolute joy they are on a daily basis. Everyday I find a new thing to love about each of them. Daycare has been a rough transition but I think they are really going to thrive for the better in the long run.

Summy: He loves to talk now. He is very good at repeating stuff but now I notice he is retaining it. We put out a light up inflatable pumpkin. I told him on Monday that was called a pumpkin and he said something that vaguely sounded like pumpkin. Yesterday, we got home and it was lit up and I asked him what it was and he said the same thing. I said it’s a pumpkin and he said the same thing again. The bets has to be the “Go Buckeyes.” It sounds like “Go Buckies!” I love it and it is hilarious. He will now say it any time he sees the Ohio State logo.

Also Elmo is his new favorite thing. He spots Elmo everywhere and says, “Elmo, Elmo Elmo.” The he sings the Elmo song that his toy makes. It’s great.

Jack: Jack has not talked as much as before daycare but I can definitely tell he understands more that he lets on. He will give you a look and you know he knows what he is doing but he just wants to test the boundaries. My favorite thing now is the way he can manipulate Summy to get what he wants. They were fighting/sharing a bottle of water Monday and it was Summy’s turn with the bottle. Jack pointed to my watch like he wanted to play with it. I took it off and let him have it. He played with it long enough for Summy to see it and then offers it to Summy if he will let the water bottle go. Summy usually falls for the trick but has been catching on to this lately.

More updates in reverse to come.


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