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Sunday, June 01, 2008

June...seriously June

Happy June! First let’s get this out of the way. How in world is it June already. Oh well.

So M started making calls on the car accident. She called the person who hit us insurance last night about 11:30 and he had yet to file a claim. So we filed one for him. Then the calls started for us today. First the guy who I was pushed into had his insurance agent called. She was less than friendly and tried to blame it on me. Once we pointed out that the other guy was cited for the whole accident she started to warm up.

Then the guy’s who hit us insurance called so we told the other guy’s insurance to call back. This is where it went all to crap. The guy who hit us was carrying state minimum coverage, which means that his insurance only covers $7500 for the whole accident and $25,000 in medical bills. Lovely, so now the whole thing is going to have to go through our insurance and then they sue the guy for the remaining. So we hung up and the other insurance called back. They were a lot friendlier this time around and not to happy when we relayed the state minimum news.


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