The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Through the cat door

So this morning, after we fed the boys, I ran up to McD’s for some breakfast. Neither of us felt like making anything. I had the door open and Jack was standing and leaning on the glass door. I kept hiding behind the car and popping out to make faces at him. I t was hilarious as he has bouncing up and down and screaming laughing. Well I guess when I left, Jack got extremely mad that I had left and sobbed hysterically. I was gone less than 5 minutes and as soon as I got home, he crawled over to greet me at the door. The kid is so loving and full of energy. He always has to be involved in everything.
Lately, if we put Jack down he heads straight down the hallway to our bedroom to see what he can get into. He brought back an empty bottle that M’s vitamins were in. We are going to fill them up with pennies and seal them so he can play with them. He loves carrying stuff around the house and throwing it out the cat door. We have this cat door out to the garage for the cats to get to the litter box. Jack find sit funny to take stuff and throw it through the hole. We went out there Sunday evening and found a passy, 2 lids, several letters and an animal magnet from the fridge barn.
They are both into opening and closing doors. The fun time for them is to crawl into the bathroom when you are in there and they take turns opening and shutting the door. That is until Jack shuts it real hard and can’t get it back open.
Bath time is becoming a fun time at our house. Jack loves the water as usual and Summy seems to be over his fear of the water. We put them in tonight and they had a good ole time. Summy didn’t fuss once about it. He played with his letters and the bubbles M put in the tub. He took turns sticking the letters to the side of the tub and his chest. Jack on the other hand was all over the place. He actually fell over because he was climbing around. He probably took in some water but in his fearless fashion was fine 5 seconds after doing it.


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