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Monday, March 24, 2008

Our first day

I have just finished eating lunch and I saw this story on MSNBC’s website.
It’s not the easiest thing to read while sitting at work. Especially for me, a guy who doesn’t outwardly show his emotions very often. But I can’t help thinking about Summy and Jack and the days they came into the world to live with us. We planned and thought we made ourselves ready for what was to come. I always thought I had time to get everything done and M would constantly remind me that the time was coming and did I have this done or that done. I was assured I had more time. In the end, none of it mattered at all. Standing in the hallway outside of a surgery room, not being there to hold her hand and reassure her that everything was going to be ok and witness the birth of your children is something I will wonder about. In the end, the one and only thing that mattered was the health of M and the boys.
I know they are growing up and starting to do more things but the story made me think about the day they were born and how lucky we really do have it. Sure they were 2 months early and the may not be up to speed on everything that the books say they should. But they’re happy and good kids. No parent could ask for babies that cry as little and laugh as much as our two boys. So if you see us out and around or any other parents who happen to mention their kids were preemies, remember we don’t want to hear how little they are, or why are they walking and talking yet or why are they not doing (insert developmental milestone). Just be thankful that they are happy and healthy and are blessed to have them as part of our lives.


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