The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The calling hours were this evening for Mamaw. I went alone as I didn’t think it was appropriate for the boys to come along given the length of time and the lateness we would have been out. I was not happy when I arrived and everyone else had brought children along. I t would have been nice for the boys to have been there to spend time last time as I knew they would not be going to the funeral tomorrow. I must have answered 50 times, “Where are the boys?” and “Where’s your wife?”

We got the greatest compliment regarding the boys and their now infamous Christmas card, one of my relatives sent us a card in response to say how the picture of the boys made her entire day. Now when you read that on a card you think they’re just being nice. Well at the calling hours, her daughter came up to tell how much the picture had made her mom’s day. She said her mom had called to just talk about the card and how cute they were. It was good feeling. Then she came up to me and personally thanked us for the lovely card and to tell me again how cute and adorable they were. It’s glad to know that we not completely biased….

Summy has been working on waving bye to people and he is getting better. I taught him high five and he’s getting really good at that one. Jack on the other hand is starting to give out kisses. If you are lucky enough to receive one you also get a smile and high pitched squeal. He also is getting close to crawling. He’s going to be off and crawling in no time. He also managed to break my phone. I let him play with it and he likes to flip it open and closed. So he opens it up and drools down in it and the screen went black. Thanks buddy, I tried everything to dry it our but no luck with that. We are going to try and get new ones so I have something to use. I am borrowing M’s until we get this squared away.

I guess while I was gone they decided to start feeding themselves. This is from M’s blog: So tonight they PIG the food down. They ate 2 1/2 stage 2 jars, I'd say Sumner had 1 1/2 alone. He kept crying for more food. Then, I put their trays on their highchairs and put puffs on them. AND THEY PICKED THEM UP! AND FED THEMSELVES! Sorry to use caps, but this was big!!! Sum got about 50% in his mouth, Jack only about 10%, but it was SO amazing!I caught it on video for David too!

At least I got to see it on video.


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