The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Today we celebrated the boys first Christmas. It was a nice to have everyone over and start new traditions for our family. We invited M’s family over as mine lives out of state. Hopefully they will make the trip in the future to celebrate with the boys. I made the meal and it went along pretty much as we planned. The boys got way more stuff than they ever needed. We only got them a few things because we new everyone would get them a ton of stuff. They got the leap frog learning table and the seemed to like it pretty well. They got lots of books and clothes and stuffed animals. One funny moment was M’s mom got them each their own teddy bears. For months she was telling how great they were and how much they were going to love them. At the last minute she threw in 2 little stuffed animal, one dog and one horse. So what does Summy instantly go for…the little horse. M and I got a good laugh because it just goes to show you that you can get them everything but in the end they will gravitate to what they like. Other than that the morning was filled with lots of excitement of tearing colored paper. M and I knew they would enjoy the paper far more than any gifts they would receive.

Everyone left around 11:30ish and we headed to Dayton to spend some time with my family who was gathering. It wasn’t anything formal and everyone wanted to just be together to for sake of being together. I felt like it was something I needed to do being the closets one here for my dad. I think he was just happy to see the boys and have somewhere there to talk to if he needed. It felt good to be around everyone.

Erin and Josh came over for the evening and we did our normal Xmas thing together. I’m not sure how out of all the things I remember I can’t ever remember whose year it is to host. It was fun and there were more gifts to pass around. We ate food and had fun and I am really liking all the little traditions we are starting to carve out as a family.


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