The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Friday, April 18, 2008

Daycare tour

Summy pulled up for the first time today. I was at filling up the new lawn mower and I heard M and my Mother Law clapping and saying “Good Job Summy!” so I thought that’s what it was. It was, he was standing next to the chair and they were talking, when M looked back he was up. Good job Summy and I still think he will be walking before long. He just seems like he is slower to getting into things but once he does then he progresses really quickly.
I worked from home a little this morning and then we toured the Daycare we hope to send them to in the fall. I really liked the place. I think they could use some structure to their days. Not that I am unhappy with the situation they have now. I just think that as they get a little older they need structure and discipline and this place will be great for them. I think their current situation is great for them now. They are definitely loved and they have a great environment for which to roam around and explore. I think it was good first year for them to get the attention they needed when they were little. Now they are growing up and started to develop and the new daycare will be an extension of there growth.


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