The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday is a trip to the Pedi...

Sales and Shopping? No, we went to the pediatrician. Jack is now a member of the 20LB club. He is really staring to gain some weight even though his waist is not any bigger. The pediatrician felt they were almost all the caught up. I would say they are ahead on their verbal skills. Summy is by far the one who says more words but M and I both know that Jack knows more than he is saying. He either says it so fats you cannot understand him or he just chooses not to talk.

We ran into a few stores. Toys r Us was a joke of a nightmare and Target was bad but I picked up some movies cheap for no particular reason than I just wanted them. This is the first year I haven’t really wanted any big gifts. I know I said an Iphone but I am not really sure if I want it or not. Maybe if poppa reads this he’ll send me his….otherwise I don’t really need one. I would rather have a new house.

The boys are going to have a blast, M won a Elmo Live from EBay in their contest for $1. If you know Summy then you know the love of Elmo that is happening in our house.
Edit: I completely forgot that we had put up the tree. We fiannly caved last year and bought a fake tree with lights after Xmas and will use it until the boys get a little older. Summy was completely in love with it. He got so upset when we had to leave that he thought it would be there when we got back. He actually comes down the hall in the morning and says, "Hi Tree!" The first night he gave it a hug and kiss. Now that it has ornaments on it Jack is into it as well. He has an angel ornament he likes to take off, carry around and put back on the tree. They are going to love Xmas this year.


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