The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sickness, it' time for you to go.

***Update: I added a bunch of previously unposted blogs dating back to Oct 19th, in case anyone is out there following along****

So my sickness is going away but I am still trying to get some of my strength back. Now M and Summy are sick. I think Jack will be fine because he is finishing up his medicine from the ear infection. M had to take the day off from work because she was sick. Well she went to work and then came home because she got sick. Apparently I didn’t have food poisoning and I had the stomach bug that was going around.

So she stopped and got the boys before coming home even though I told her to leave them there and I would go get them after work. So I M crashed on the couch and I went to the store at lunch to get her some stuff to make her feel better. The boys were asleep on the our bed. I went in to wake them and Summy have gotten sick all over himself and the bed. It must have been early in the nap because it was mostly dried. I actually thought he had just spit up. After cleaning him up he seemed fine. So fast forward and I had put them down in our bed to sleep and M was still lounging on the couch. I took the opportunity to wash the sheets Summy had gotten dirty. I was about to go out into the garage to start the wash when I heard what sounded like a choking and vomit sound. I went in to check on the boys and Summy was covered again. I called for M but by the time she got there it was worse. All I could do was flip Summy on his side and let him get it all out. It was one of the biggest messes I have ever seen. We were both freaked out because when he started to get sick he was on his back and had gotten it all over his face and was choking. If I hadn’t heard him he might have choked to death.

The worst of it seems to be over, Jack never got sick and I don’t think he will. Everyone now has to get all their strength back and we be on to our next crisis. Summy lost about a half a pound which isn’t a lot normally, but when he is already under weight it will take him so time to regain it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Baconator

Sickness has come to the house. I got sick and actually went to a doctor. Well urgent care and saw a doctor. I thought it was food poisoning and blamed it on the baconator. Why would I ever eat such a thing...never again. The boys have been sick as well. I felt bad for the little guys because they get sick and they don’t have an appetite. Then to top it off, they don’t have a lot of weight to lose if they stay sick.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mother's Intuition

M’s intuition took over today. Jack has been fussy for a few days and not wanting to eat. He was generally not being himself the past few days. M got home from the babysitters with him and said something was right and should we take him to the doctor? I reluctantly agreed to go to the doctor but I knew he wasn’t being himself. Well it turns out that jack has a ear infection. We got him some medicine and he is on the road to recovery.

M was happy because she knew something in her told her we needed to take Jack to the doctor. I glad she was adamant we should go. The doctor was nice enough to take a look in Summy’s ears and he appears to be fine.

Monday, January 07, 2008

O-H...big bump

Ohio State played for the National Championship tonight and everyone was dressed in their OSU jerseys. Good thing the game is being played because the boys are close to growing out of their jerseys. So I ran to the store to get some game time foods. M calls me and says Summy has a bump on his head. She said it was the size of a golf ball. Now normally with her I divide by 2. When a spider is “this big” or the bug was “that big”, it was always smaller. She said she really felt we should take him to the pediatrician. So I agreed and she called to get an evening appointment. Now the first this I thought was I hope we make it home by kickoff. So I paid for my stuff and headed home to find Summy had what was easily a golf ball size knot on his head. So we jammed everyone in the car and sped off to the doctor. M was freaking and I was trying to calm her down. She was concerned he had a tumor or water on the brain. I was freaking also but I had to drive. I was really worried about the size of the bump and no one noticed it until 5:30 in the evening. I wasn’t as concerned about Summy because he was acting normal. He wasn’t bothered by it at all.

The good and the bad: Summy’s fine but he is turning orange, the Buckeye’s lost. Summy is turning orange from his food. Nothing to worry about but he fine.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Year

New’s Years came and went. We spent a fun night playing guitar hero and memory with friends. It’s so weird to think that this time last year, M was pregnant and on probably on bed rest and we were dreaming of what our family was going to be like. What year it has been and it could have been so much worse than it is. First and the most important thing is M and the boys are healthy. It was a rough time for all of them in the beginning and I am super lucky for everything I have. The boys have struggled with weight gain and M and I have adapted as parents. I can’t say it enough that being a dad is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I love M and how she is so patient in the times that I am not. I love the fact that I can find moments of patience in times where she is not. I never thought it was possible to love her any more than I already had, but it is. Having the woman you love give you two of the best children anyone could ask for will definitely change you. I always thought I knew what to expect and what my limits were but having kids will change all of that. Suddenly you begin to worry about little things that you would have not before. Has it been easy? Not at all, but I think M and I have done a great job at doing what we feel is best for our boys. We don’t always agree and as much as I hate to admit it, M is usually right most of the time.