The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sick Day/Work from Home Day 2

I am now on Day two of being at home sick and working with the boys. So this morning when M got them up and noticed blood on jacks headrest. Obviously being concerned I took another day of off/working from home to take him back to the doctor. So M schedules the appointment and I take him into the office. Two things that annoyed me about the whole thing were:

(1) The nurse actually said to her, we just saw him yesterday and what would we be seeing him for now. She replied he has dried blood all over his ear and in his ear canal. To which she replied, “We’ll see you at 9:00.”

(B) (Yeah I know 1 then B, M will get it.) I took them back to the doctor and they’re all like hey how are doing, welcome back , nice to see, making a habit out of this, is jack still sick….now gimme another copay. Annoying because after seeing the doctor, she tells us this is a common thing after pulling anything out of a baby’s ear. You’re free to go. So I asked her the best way to clean out his bloodied ear and what to do. She asked me if I wanted the nurse to do it and I said yes…I did pay a copy. Not think they probably billed the insurance like $400 for some inner ear canal cleaning or some crap. At least Jack is fine and no harm was done. Maybe it would have been nice to tell me ahead of time that I could expect my kid’s ear to be draining blood in the morning.


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