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Monday, February 12, 2007

Hospitals and M’s down for the duration

So M went back into the hospital on Sunday the 11th at the 32 week mark. She was having more bleeding and they wanted her there to observe her. So she gets admitted and they check her out and we move up to the High risk floor. All is well, small contractions and the babies are doing great. Around 3:30 in the morning, Meghan passes a giant blood clot and then everyone scrambles but again everything turns out fine. They check her out again and she is all closed and the babies are again fine. I make a plan to take Monday off as she is in the hospital and going to be seeing a bunch of doctors.

Around 9:30, they check her again and this time she has dilated and the contractions are increasing. Oh crap I am thinking we are going to be having these kids. More medicine and a room change to labor and delivery, and things start to calm down a little.

The news is that M is going to be in the hospital until the babies are born. Ugg, that is going to be a grind. They advised me that after 2 weeks they will give me a free parking pass…well gee thanks. It was a very busy and stressful couple of days in labor and delivery while M tried to get rest. Too many visitors, we will definitely have to review a lot of things when the tots come. We certainly cannot continue to entertain that many people in that short amount of time with two babies and M needing to rest. Everyone wants to help, but the best help is letting M get her rest and focus on keeping the babies in for a few more weeks. No stress for M is the motto I am working on.


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