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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good News Gets Better

So we had the scare over the weekend. We got home Sunday and we were totally exhausted. I got M situated and resting and I was finally able to lay down for a few minutes and maybe catch some sleep. Well, the downside of being at the Hospitals is notifying everyone that you’re out of the Hospital. So an hour or so after my head hit the pillow the phone rings and people are headed over. I was so pissed, I just wanted to sleep. I just wanted to get rested because Monday was so important to M and the babies. Not to mention 24 season premier and In the Womb: Multiples was on and we were both struggling to keep our eyes open. So the M’s mom left, ok I wasn’t going to say who it was but not that I care now. I just wanted to go to sleep.

Monday, Caitlin and Mike stopped by and was nice visit. They brought us a meal of shells and cheese and some soup. I can’t remember what day we had it but I think it was Wednesday and it was hella good. I don’t normally care for Ricotta cheese but I liked this. I usually avoid it because it doesn’t have any flavor, not in this case. I may have to steal that recipe.

OK, back to M, we headed out to the OB for a scheduled visit. They got the update on M and we had a discussion about the boys. They checked her over and wanted to see what the Peranatalogist had to say before they decided what they wanted to do with M. So off to the other side of the Hospital, me wheeling M the whole way. I think we stopped off for some more Pudding sundaes in the cafeteria. It was hella good also for hospital food.

We got into the see the peranatalogist and filled in the nurse who was going to do the scan on the tots. She was concerned and asked a lot of questions. She checked out M’s cervix and it looked good and the measurement was good as well. She did a few tests and we determined that the resident we saw was not doing anything remotely productive at the hospital over the weekend. I should know I watch ER and Grey’s Anatomy and that should at least qualify me a s a junior doctor or something. Maybe they can give me a merit badge. So she scanned the babies and she even got a face shot of Baby B. If you have been following along, you will know that B is our shy guy.

So she went and gave the doctor our results and he was with another high risk patient. He took a look at the number and said everything looked good and M was free woman, but he wanted us to go back to the OB and let them know. So back across the hospital we went and saw the OB again, she put M on bed rest for the rest of the week until Monday to run more tests. So she was bummed but she got to go to school on Tuesday to tie up loose ends as it was a work day a now students were in the building.

Still doing ok, worried about M a lot and I don’t want her to freak out so much. I am really getting tired of advice. I know everyone is trying to be helpful but I am pretty stubborn. I really work best when I can try something and if it doesn’t work, then I will ask for help. Plus I really hate talking on the phone and lately it has been ringing non stop. I think M’s ear is permanently shaped like a phone because she hasn’t had a break. Hopefully the bed rest passes and her tests all go well and we are back to easy sailing for what the doctor say will be no more than 10 weeks. 10 weeks….holy poop! I got a lot to do…


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