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Friday, November 03, 2006

Nursery News

I have been putting in time working on the nursery and I think it is starting to take shape. I finished the crown molding and painted it. M didn’t think it needed painted but I thought it would look better so I did. We painted the base boards back to white. Why they painted them green before us I will never know. Other notables for the nursery are:

- added the cubes for the built in
- added extra bar to hang clothes in the closet
- finished painting the book shelf
- taped off area for the “wonderful graffiti”
- started laying out the floor plan of where the two cribs are going.

All in all it has been going fairly good. I also finally got a toolbox. Now I can stop playing the game where I yell, from another room, “Where the hell is my tape measure?” Nothing frustrates me more than holding a tool, using it, going to the garage to get something and coming back and not being able to find the tool I just had. I really think the cats move it on me. Ok, so I forget where I laid them down but I have to blame someone.

Josh and Erin were over Saturday night and Josh helped me with the work bench I was building. He had the screws I should have bought in the first place. It looked good but we felt it was too wide, so Sunday morning I tore it apart and re-built it with a little less width. Just need to top it off with some plywood and we are in business. Actually think it looks pretty good.


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