The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Monday, October 16, 2006

In and out in 15minutes

“Well, time is on my side, yes it is
Time is on my side, yes it is”
-Rolling Stones

It’s been awhile since I last put an entry in so I am going back and adding some updates to where we have been and where we are going.

So M’s appointment was on 10/12 at Riverside. Not so thrilled about Riverside as you have to pay to park and that’s not cool when we aren’t coming from home. So we met nearby and rode in together. I know some may think it’s cheap to do that but we got twins on the way and should be paying for parking, twice.

So we get there and we are late, if you know my wife and I then you know we have differing views on what counts as on time. Me, on time is 5 minutes early and for her 15 minutes after we were supposed to be there is on time. So I should have known this was going to be bad from the start. We get to the office and wait about 5 minutes to check in. Why so long you should ask? Well doesn’t everyone wait 5 minutes to check in when there is no one else in the waiting room except the other girl at the check in desk playing 2000 questions? Apparently, 20 questions weren’t good enough for her. So they check us in and M’s off to the bathroom and I am off to the room. The nurse puts me is a room with no Ultrasound machine and I looked puzzled. She then comes back and moves me to another room as she forgot we were having twins.

M comes in, in comes the doctor filling in while M’s is on vacation, some jelly is squirted on the belly and we are out the door and back to the car. Sounds fast, well that’s how it was. We asked questions, she told us to ask our regular doctor. No pictures, one heartbeat and half assed appointment. As you can tell I am very bitter, most likely because I was really looking forward to seeing the tots this time. I was hoping for more pictures and I really felt let down. Oh well, we told ourselves that the next one is the one where we get to find out if they are boys, girls, aliens or one of each….so we thought.


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