The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Baby Updates

In news of the baby, M’s is progressing pretty well. She has not had any real physical issues since the back pain. No morning sickness and just a little trouble sleeping. I know that will change and I’ll have to try and make sure I am not being a big jerk and listening more to her. We have another doctor visit coming up and I am hoping we are able to see the sexes of the tots. I know…I know it’s not sex, its gender. Whatever, it’s not that big a deal. If you have been reading this blog, then you know I have some grammar issues that were never solved in school. Even though I type it in the Word program, even that can’t help me sometimes. (side note: it tells me the last sentence is a fragment, who cares)

The tots are growing pretty good. I have talked to them a few times. It’s really hard to get alone time with them right now.  (It’s a joke, laugh for crying out loud.) Trying to read my books to stay up on what’s happening with M and the tots. I feel like I am doing pretty well. I have been doing lots around the house. Someone told M, it was because I am nervous about the arrival of the tots. I don’t really think that is the case. I feel like she does most of the work in carrying the tots, the least I could do is work to make sure everything is ready when they arrive.

The name game seems to be a silent touchy issue still. We are maintaining our silence still. Actually we haven’t picked any names because we don’t know the genders yet. (I got it right, thank you very much) Once that happens we will have a lot things to discuss. In regards to the name, we are debating on whether we want to leak fake names and surprise everyone with different ones or just keep our vow of silence going. I vote silence, seems sort of dishonest to leak fake names.

In work news, have traveled a little in the past 2 weeks and I will probably only have one more day trip before the end of the year. My boss wants my coworker and me to remain in the office to prepare for the upcoming busy time. This is fine for me; I love to travel but also want to be home for M if she needs me. I do have a trip that I am tentative on for the end of February. Seeing how everything is going before I commit. I certainly do not want to be in NJ if M needs me at home. Should be fine but it’s a ways off before deciding.


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