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Monday, January 15, 2007

The leak is fixed….

Man that has to be the under statement of the century. I know I was doing a lot of home improvement projects and had a leak in the connection. So I put on silicon and more and then more and then more and it still leaked a drip of water. I know one drip wasn’t going to be a problem, but man I did everything right and that connection is brand new and should not leak. So back to Lowes for me. I got a mixed lot of washers and went to work. I finally got it fixed and the leak was fixed on Friday night. I told M that I wasn’t doing any home improvements project any time soon and certainly not plumbing. But the leak was fixed…

So we went to bed and woke up Saturday morning at around 3:00 to a different kind of leak. M woke me up and was bleeding. I called the doctor and they called and off to the hospital for the two of us. I was freaking out but so was she and I had to drive. So I really didn’t have time to freak out. I think I even snapped at M that she couldn’t freak out because I had drive.

So we get to the Hospital around 3:30 in the morning and they hook M and babies up to the monitors. I have never been so excited to hear the babies’ heartbeats. I am starting to understand and grasp just how much a parent loves their child. It’s really unbelievable. I sometimes feel like I am a very selfish and want things done mine way, but I would have given anything to these boys without blinking an eye just to know they were ok.

To know that they are ok and M is in a place where even if she wasn’t ok, she would have help. So they monitor the babies for a while and come in to examine M. We get a ultrasound and the boys are kicking like crazy. The heartbeat monitors were turned up so loud that when they kicked or bumped them they sounded like someone was tapping on a microphone. Well that just got them going, our active by A was doing a number on that monitor. It was almost funny.

So after the exam the nurse and resident were asking us some simple questions like do you have names picked out, how’s the nursery, blah blah blah. Telling us we would be there for monitoring for few hours and then they started. They said we would give M the RH shot because of the bleeding and then she would get two steroid shots to help develop the babies lungs, how did you want to deliver and do you want to talk to a Neo-Natalogist about babies born at 28 weeks. At that point M asked them to leave. We were officially freaked out.

So we were up 20 straight hours and M was released on Sunday and put on partial bed rest. Good thing because I don’t know if I can deal with bed pans. Maybe we could get M diapers so I could get some early practice. Either way the leak was fixed. We had several appointments scheduled for Monday and we were hoping for better news…


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