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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election/Gender Day, Hopefully...

Doctor’s appointment today, mother in laws b-day and Election Day, It’s going to be a busy day. At least I get to leave work early and my client is closed for Election Day. I wish we got Election Day off. It should be a National Holiday as it is very important day in this country. Alright, before this blog takes a dramatic turn towards politics, let’s get back to the tots.

The doctor’s appointment should be really exciting. I hope we get a good look at the tots and hopefully we can see the genders. I am trying not to get too excited as I was really let down last time. I felt like I got ripped off on the last visit. We are with her real doctor and she never rushes us. Hopefully that trend continues and we have a good visit. I would love to see something that tells us because it will open a whole new set of things for me to do around the house and mostly in the nursery. I would love nothing more than to have a reason to stay in and work on the nursery instead of getting out and picking up the rest of the sticks in the yard.

M’s worried because she has the flu shot to take at the visit. Kroger would sell her the shot but would not inject it into her arm. Who knows why, I guess the lawyers told them not too. Oh well, if all else fails I will give it to her. I have definitely given her plenty of shots and have no fear about sticking her with one more needle. The M has the RH shot, I think either this time or the next visit, not really sure. I am trying to remember all the things to talk about. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and I’ll have good news to report. I have reminded my Mom to keep her cell phone on for her to get the news first. Then M’s mom gets the news and I think it would be pretty cool to tell her on her Birthday.

I will report back after the visit, in the mean time, get out and vote. I don’t care who you vote for, just vote.


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