The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Thursday, January 18, 2007

You guys are nice but I don’t want to be here….

So Tuesday came and went without any troubles. I actually was able to go to a cooking class M had gotten me into at Williams and Sonoma. I was pretty good, some stuff was pretty easy and I really wished the girl leading the demos was not reading the recipe. I would have hoped she would have prepared that a little more. Also, she was using almost triple the amount of oil that the recipes called for. Plus I scored a couple of cook books for $4.99 which are always good in my book.

Wednesday, work, work, work and another trip to the hospital. At least it got me out of work a few minutes early, even though work doesn’t end early. Raced home grabbed M and headed back to the Hospital and it was a false alarm. They hooked up the babies and M again and monitored them for while, ran few tests gave us a parking pass and on the way home we went. At one point the lady asked me how I was holding up and I told her that I thought, “everyone was really nice but I don’t want to be here…”

The nurse was telling how good the babies looked and how well they were staying on the monitor. Previously the nurse had advised us that babies at the age of ours don’t do well on the monitors and they are hard to monitor. Our little guys again loved it. Again treating it like a microphone sound check and beating the crap out of them to make the most noise possible. Now, I am pretty good at spotting when someone is blowing smoke up my rear so I was skeptical. (Not so much of the previous nurse because she was giving more detail about the central nervous system and twin development. If she was lying she was either really full of it or trying to show.) This nurse had the sound a feel of someone who was trying to make M feel better.

So we were in the triage room that has a curtain and no door. It was literally right behind the check in window we had signed in about an hour previously. While waiting on the doctor to come back we could hear her as she called M’s OB. She was telling her how good the babies looked and how well they were doing for their age. That was cool to hear your kids are doing good instead of having them give you that fluff story that drives me nuts. So we went and made another round of phone calls followed by a round of follow up phone calls and hopefully this will be the last scare.


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