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Monday, January 29, 2007

Marvelous Multiples

Sunday morning we got up to go to our child class. It was called Marvelous Multiples and was held at OSU. The class was great. I think was a better than going to a regular class because they focused just on twins and the nurse leading the class was also a mother of twins. I think it was great that M got to hear from others who had the same fears that she was having. Some of the information was repeated as I have actually been keeping pretty close to the timeline in my Expectant Father book.

We had some good discussion and saw some pretty good videos. It was good to hear exactly what to expect. It always makes me feel good when I have a general understanding of what is supposed to happen. We took a tour of the Hospital, even though we are not delivering at OSU. I would love to but M’s OB delivers at Riverside. We can give the tots the tour someday of all the places that M and I shared in OSU history. You cool bars, parties and hangouts...ok maybe we'll mention classes, libraries, study groups also. They probably won’t care or think we are lame but I will still force them to do it anyway.

We got to tour the NICU, another place I hope to visit and not return. Everyone was very friendly and all the babies were cute. It was reassuring that most of the babies that go there were just to gain weight and develop their lungs. Since M had the steroid shot for the babies they seemed to indicate that was only going to benefit them if they come early. I don’t think they will be coming that early. I am currently predicting between 34 and 36 weeks, in the back of my mind. I would love to see 38 but will settle for healthy and home with us. We then toured the nursery and everyone enjoyed seeing the babies. Everyone said don’t feel bad about them being in the nursery because when you take them home you will have them all the time. Someone please remind me of this when they come because I know I will want them in our room with us. Ultimately it will be up to M and how she is feeling. She is the most important part of this whole thing.

The final part of the class was a panel discussion. It brought back two sets of parents who took the class. They were the best resources as to what to expect and what you need. They had a few questions about their daily routines but I felt that was something your own kids would determine. I do know that I will have to make some time for M and her friends to go out and get out of the house. That seemed to be something they wanted to point out as being important. I know it’s hard to be in the house, let alone with the behbies everyday. So maybe we will have some man days with the tots to give M some free time.


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