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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Running Behind

I am running about week behind on updating this blog but I am making more of an effort to do a little each day while I am eating lunch. (I usually don’t go anywhere for lunch and end up working through it. So I have made it a point to get caught up when I can. So here is a week in review to catch us up and then I will try and post a little something each day. Maybe set my calendar to remind me time for the previous days update.

So what has happened, the fridge/freezer decided to stop working efficiently as it should this week. Turns out it was freezing up and we caught it before we lost everything. We did lose some ice cream but M’s no longer allowed to have it so it worked out. Plus we pitched some stuff that we were never going to eat.

M went to the nurse and nutritionist because she’s got Gestational Diabetes. Don’t get me started on the lack of common sense being shed on this whole. Any one should understand that she had the steroid shot for the baby’s lungs, and then the test and on top of that she has two placentas’, she has gestational diabetes. When she questioned why they don’t have adjusted numbers for mother’s carrying twins, well that’s obvious, no one has ever done a study to show that twins get higher numbers. Someone get me an MD and grant, that should be a n easy one to prove. They already have research that shows the placenta blocks the uptake of insulin causing a baby to store it as fat. Well, you would think two placentas would have an increase effect.

So M’s been pricking her finger and testing all the times she is supposed to. I know when she goes back they are going to say that she was way more on top of it than anyone else. Ugg, just annoying sometimes. But at least she is still allowed out for a few hours a day. We saw Borat, which I hadn’t seen and it was funny. Saturday we went to the pharmacy to get her test strips and some lady asked me if they were natural twins. Instead of getting into again or getting a lot of unsolicited advice, I just told, “As far as we know they are natural…” Who cares? Why do people continue to give their opinions why I could care less what they think. I don’t care if it took 12 months for your kid to get on sleeping schedule, I don’t care what diapers you like, I don’t care if you kid shit in a coffee can until he was 18/….I just don’t care.

M and I will make the decisions that are best for our kids, we will probably make a few mistakes upon the way but isn’t that what it’s all about. Now we both know we are not leaving our kids in a locked sealed car on a 100 degree day…but the daily stuff I am sure we will figure without everyone giving us their $.50 worth. I know the saying 10 cents but with inflation and twins the price has gone up. I know everyone means well and wants us to be successful and I appreciate that they love us enough and feel comfortable enough to tell us. On the other hand, I think we need a little freedom to make this work the way we want it to. Ok, so that should get us caught up through Saturday morning…


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