The Adventures of the Tader Tot's

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

7 months and growing

So the boys turned 7 months old and it’s been forever since I made any blog updates. Mainly because of the time crunch from spending time with them, time at work and family illness, I have not been good about posting. Even when I have the time I spent it doing other things.

The boys are great. I love them more and more each day. The best time of my whole day is coming home to M and the boys. They always get so excited to see me. Summy laughs everyday. He has this laugh chuckle that he does every time I see him. I was always a little worried that they would somehow forget who I was while I was away. So I was very protective of my time with them in the beginning. Now I know they remember their dad no matter.

My favorite thing right now is too tickle Jack and pretends like I am eating him. He gets so worked up and laughs. When he really gets going he has a high pitch squeal. It’s great! He is also the more mobile of the two right now. He can roll back and forth to pretty much get where he needs to be. This includes rolling right off the bed several times. Thank goodness there have been no injuries. Also, he is so stubborn. M and I are trying to figure out which one he got it from or if it is a combo of both. He certainly has a determination to get what he wants or where he feels he needs to be.

Summy in the other hand likes to lay back. He seems more relaxed but don’t be fooled he can’t be ignored. Whenever I am playi9ng with Jack he gets a look on his face that is priceless. You can tell he is jealous or feels left out. After discovering his hand a few months ago, he has found his index finger in the last few days. It’s the funniest thing he does right now. He points at all kinds of things and talks to his finger. I wish he were actually pointing but he is just moving it all around. He also loves to fly. We pretend he is flying and he gets the biggest smile on his face. Combine that with his juperoo and the kid is living the good live.

M continues to astonish me as the best wife ever. She is so protective and even though I worry that she worries too much, I know she has the best interest if the boys at heart. The transition of her back to work went better than expected. She held up pretty well for the first few days with no major freak outs. We continue to work to find a good balance between napping and feeding at the babysitter. Maybe we are over reacting or just focusing too much on this because we have been laid back or what but the boys are definitely in place where they are safe and loved. Recently, M has had some late nights for curriculum night last week and I got to play Mr. Mom. It was fun to be able to feed them their solids as I only get limited chances to feed them now with the schedules. Oh BTW, they started solids. Early favs are green beans and pears…and the early loser is peas. M knows all the good stuff and I kind of just wing it with common sense. Most of the time she ends up proving me wrong and I know it gets on her nerves. She is great and is always patient and puts up with me.


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